Course Syllabus 2015/2016
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Description of UV M9-A
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Mathematics and Mechanics
Title :
Optional units M91-M92-C91
UV manager(s) :
ECTS credits :
Compounding modules :
EX312  C91a
3.12 CR
To choose from :
AN308  High Performance Computing (HPC) project
MF315  Codes industriels (Fluent & Openfoam) pour la Mécanique des Fluides
MS311  Industrial softwares for structure modelling
EX314  Optional unit M91
3.12 CR
To choose from :
MF307  Turbulent flows
MS300  Formulation of material behaviour laws
EX315  Optional unit M92
3.12 CR
To choose from :
AN311  Numerical methods for compressible flows
MS308  Composite materials and composite structures
EX321  Optional unit C91b
3.12 CR
To choose from :
AN307  Transport of particles: models, simulation and applications
AN312  Numerical methods for incompressible flows.
MS306  Fracture and Fatigue