Course Syllabus 2015/2016
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Module : CE204
Title :
Individual technical presentation
Number of hours :
Individual work : 2.00 h
ECTS credits :
Teacher(s) :
RODES Francis - Responsible
Level :
second year module
Abstract :
The Electronic design projects (PR206 and PR202) are used as a support for this technical presentation that is performed by each student. The oral presentation begins by a short general description of the project and is continued by a more detailed description of a part of the design project. The presentation is followed by a discussion with a team of three teachers on technical topics (electronic, control theory, signal processing..) that are related with the project. Nevertheless, the discussion can extend beyond the topics that strictly concern the design project. For the student, the presentation and the discussion that follows are an opportunity for justifying his work interest and the design options that led to the proposed solution; it is also an opportunity for exhibiting his knowledge in general electronic.
Plan :
  1. Technical presentation relative to the Electronic design project.
  2. Technical questions concerning the project and the courses attended during the past four semesters.
Prerequisite :
Electronic design projects (PR206 and PR202), General Electronic. (S1 & S2): Analog Electronic UVE3B (S3): Analog Circuits & systems, Digital design.
Document(s) :
Documentation used for the design and the realization of the Electronic design projects (PR206 and PR202)
Keyword(s) :
Analog electronic, digital electronic, mixed circuits, feed back control, power electronic, RF circuits