Course Syllabus 2015/2016
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Module : AU206
Title :
State space modeling, observation and control
Number of hours :
Lecture : 10.66 h
Combined lecture and tutorial classes : 8.00 h
Practical work : 8.00 h
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Teacher(s) :
LANUSSE Patrick ( - 05 4000 2417 - - Responsible
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Level :
second year module
Abstract :
Dynamic systems are often modelled using transfert functions that take into account their input/output behavior. Unlikely, that modelling does not always permit to take into account all the internal states of the system. The state-space representation is an other way to model systems. It permits to save all parts of the systems. The aim of this course is to present how system could be modelled and control using the state space representation. The observability and controlability criterion will be used to design state observers and state feedback controllers. 8 hours will permit to model a magnetic levitation system and to design an observer/controller.
Plan :
  1. State and state-space representation of a system.
  2. Various form of state-space representation.
  3. Transition matrix properties.
  4. Controllability and observability.
  5. Design of an observer.
  6. State feedback controller.
Prerequisite :
Linear systems and linear control systems. Matrix calculus.
Document(s) :
83 page lecture notes
Keyword(s) :
Control engineering, State-space representation, State-space feedback controller, Observer.