Course Syllabus 2013/2014
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Module : TS339
Title :
DSP for embedded systems
Number of hours :
Lecture : 4.00 h
Combined lecture and tutorial classes : 8.00 h
Individual work : 4.00 h
Practical work : 12.00 h
ECTS credits :
Evaluation :
S1: ET(1h30,E,sd,ca) x2 + CC(CR TP) x1; S2: ET(20m,O,sd,ca) x2 + rep(CC) x1   Detail of the nomenclature used for the creation of the evaluation code
Teacher(s) :
MEGRET Rémi - Responsible
Shared by UV(s) :
Level :
third year module
Abstract :
The goal of this class is to familiarize the students with the implementation of signal processing algorithms on embedded DSPs (Digital Signal Processors). We will talk about the architecture of DSPs, numerical issues, signal processing algorithms for embedded processors and optimization with constraints.
Plan :
Theoretical part :
  • Generalities on digital signal processing
  • Architecture of DSP processors
  • Numerical representation of signal
  • Fixed point calculus and algorithms
  • Case studies: numerical filter implementation

    Laboratory will illustrate the concepts by practical programming on a Texas Instrument TMS32C5416 DSK card, with applications to audio signal processing and mobile systems.

  • Document(s) :
    Handouts for class and lab
    Online course :
    DSP, architecture, Harvard, Von Neuman, pipeline, fixed and floating point, quantization, filters, filter structure