Course Syllabus 2015/2016
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Module : TS302
Title :
Multi-rate systems
Number of hours :
Combined lecture and tutorial classes : 4.00 h
Tutorial classes : 5.33 h
ECTS credits :
Evaluation :
S1: ET(1h30,E,sd,sc) x2 + CC(CR TP) x1; S2: ET(20m,O,sd,sc) x2 + Rep(CC) x1   Detail of the nomenclature used for the creation of the evaluation code
Teacher(s) :
MEGRET Rémi - Responsible
Level :
third year module
Abstract :
This class deals with multi-rate systems. Such systems consider signals at several sampling frequencies (multi-resolution). They can be seen nowadays in various application, such as the now weel known JPEG2000 norm, which is based on wavelet decomposition. The gaussian pyramid is another exemple of a multi-rate approach that improves the robustness of image analysis systems. Those approaches share the common base of the digital signal theory and linear filtering.
Plan :
  1. Sampling
    • Temporal and frequential point of view
    • Up- and downsampling
  2. Image pyramids
    • Gaussian and laplacian pyramids
    • Reconstruction
    • Application to image enhancement and fusion
  3. Filter-banks
    • Perfect reconstruction
    • QMF filters
  4. Wavelets
    • Time/frequency analysis
    • Orthogonal wavelets
    • Analysis and synthesis multiresolution frameworks
    • Application to image compression, JPEG2000
Prerequisite :
  1. Traitement numerique du signal
  2. Programmation Matlab