Course Syllabus 2015/2016
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Module : TS110
Title :
Signal processing
Number of hours :
Combined lecture and tutorial classes : 36.00 h
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Evaluation :
S1: ET(1h,E,sd,ca) x0.5 + Proj x0.5; S2: ET(1h,E,sd,ca) x0.5   Detail of the nomenclature used for the creation of the evaluation code
Teacher(s) :
BERTHOUMIEU Yannick - Responsible
SCHUTZ Aurelien
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Level :
first year module
Abstract :
In this module, after recalling the foundations of the theory of the continuous signal, the main treatments applied to digital discrete-time signals are presented.

In particular, we discuss about the Fourier transform, sampling theorem, Z transform and linear filtering.

Plan :
Course Content: 1 - Introduction

2 - Discrete signals (sampling, Shannon sampling theorem, aliasing effect, etc.).

3 - Discrete-time systems (impulse response, stability, etc.).

4 - Concept of filtering (z-transform , difference equation, frequency diagram of amplitude and phase, etc.)

5 - Discrete Fourier transform signals.


a project in Matlab (different every year) Detection of code carrier signal, enhancement of speech etc..

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Keyword(s) :
Shannon's sampling theory, linear filtering, Impulsional function, TFD, Fast TF, windowing
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