Course Syllabus 2015/2016
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Module : RE316
Title :
Network administration protocols
Number of hours :
Combined lecture and tutorial classes : 30.00 h
Individual work : 20.00 h
ECTS credits :
Evaluation :
Teacher(s) :
GRELAUD Fabrice - Responsible
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Level :
third year module
Abstract :
In order to build an IP network with an important size, several routing protocols are needed. In this module, different routing protocols are considered, interior (e.g. RIP, OSPF) and exterior (BGP) on several examples. We consider principles and deployment. Moreover, in this course are considered authentication protocols used in the domain of wifi technologies
Plan :
    • complex networks and associated problems
    • interior routing
    • RIP
    • OSPF and similar protocols
    • routing on Internet, autonomous systems
    • BGP: base principle
    • BGP: deployment and examples
    • presentation and examples on wifi access restrictions
Keyword(s) :
Routage IP, RIP, OSPF, BGP, Autonomous-System.