Course Syllabus 2015/2016
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Module : MS308
Title :
Composite materials and composite structures
Number of hours :
Lecture : 24.00 h
Individual work : 36.00 h
ECTS credits :
Evaluation :
Teacher(s) :
MARTIN Eric - Responsible
CATY Olivier
COUEGNAT Guillaume
Shared by choice module(s) :
Level :
third year module
Abstract :
This course is an introduction to composite materials that addresses the design and modeling aspects of a composite structure. It is structured in three parts: Composite materials, Design of composite structures, Finite element modeling of a composite structure.
Plan :
  1. Composite materials
    Fiber reinforcements and polymeric matrices
    Elaboration of polymer matrix composites
    Application of composite materials in various industries
  2. The mechanical behavior of composite materials (Practical work with Scilab tool)
    Love-Kirchhoff and Reissner-Mindlin plates
    The classical laminate theory
    First ply failure
    Thermal stresses
  3. Finite element modeling of a composite structure (Practical work with the finite element code SAMCEF)
    Comparison of different modeling strategies
    Study of a sandwich beam
    Study of a stiffened panel